San Isidro Labrador Quasi-Parish host Vicariate meeting

Written by editor | November 9, 2010 | Email This Article

The St. Joseph Vicariate general assembly was held last September 30 at San Isidro Labrador Quasi-Parish. This quarterly gathering is attended by the parish priests and ministry heads of the parishes that compose the St. Joseph Vicariate. These parishes are Holy Cross Parish, Holy Family Parish, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Our Lady of Pentecost Parish, Parish of the Holy Sacrifice, Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy, Santa Maria Della Strada Parish, St. Joseph Parish and San Isidro Labrador Quasi- Parish.
This assembly concluded the presentations of the parishes for the second cycle. The cycle dictates the agenda for every Vicariate meeting. During the first cycle, the parishes highlighted their best practices. In the second cycle, presentations focused on what each parish is doing as response to the Diocesan 5-Point Priority Agenda. When the third cycle commences on March 17, 2011, parishes will share their pastoral plans as well as the process used to come up with these plans. The first assembly for the new cycle will be hosted by the Holy Cross Parish in Krus na Ligas. The parish priests and the representatives of the parishes composing the Vicariate will meet for the last time this year on December 2 for a social gathering at the Santa Maria Della Strada Parish.

- By Michelle Rubio