A Child’s Garden in the Parish Grounds

Written by editor | June 28, 2009 | Email This Article

I remember when I was little, I used to pronounce kindergarten as “kindergarden”. My computer is currently highlighting the quoted word with a red underline and I’m sure your computer would do that too. Yes, indeed kindergarden is unacceptable. It is a wrong spelling (or a mistaken diction in my case). However, further research informs me that I may be excused for this error. This is because the word kindergarten actually means “child’s garden” in German. So please excuse me since the word kindergarden is apparently faithful to the origin of the word kindergarten.

Today, hearing the word kindergarten does not make us think of a child’s garden anymore. Today we think of kindergarten as a first school. It is a learning institution. And we think in such manner for good reason. Kindergarten is exactly the place young children should be if they want to learn in preparation for formal education. The kindergarten program started and developed thanks to Friedrich Froebel of Germany who thought that play comes with learning. This theory of two in one package—i.e. play inevitably comes with learning – endures even in modern times. That is why we see plenty of advertisements from the internet or televisions promising a colorful and happy atmosphere for little kids to spend half of each of their weekdays just playing, having fun and learning new things.

All these learning experience and fun play, plus an extra bonus are exactly what the Parish pre-school named Parish of the Holy Sacrifice Outreach Program (PHSOP) offers. PHSOP is not a new institution. It has been established for years already. It has continuously developed and re-invented itself to meet the changing times of the new generations it caters to. But its purpose has not changed. It remains true to its vision of being a Christ-centered venue for the holistic development of young children. Its mission is “to provide a quality child-centered education founded on the values taught by the Gospels and the Catholic Tradition of the Holy Sacrifice Parish Community.” This pre-school shall be a transitory bridge for children to extend their world at home with their family and accommodate more friends, playmates, experiences and challenges. The pre-school, complementing their home environment, shall be the children’s extended avenue for growth physically, socially and spiritually. PHSOP aims at providing opportunities for children to form their reading and comprehension skills, addition and other simple basic arithmetic skills, creative talents, motor abilities, social skills and communication skills. Along with these is the aim of enriching the children’s knowledge of God, thereby enriching the children’s relationship with Him, their parents, teachers and fellow students.

PHSOP caters to children aged 3-6 years old. Programs include Toddlers (3 y/o), Nursery (3.5-4 y/o), Kindergarten (4.5-5 y/o) and Preparatory (6 y/o). Interested parties may visit the PHSOP office.

By Kristine Turado