The Body and Blood Transform Us

The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord originated in the Diocese of Lie’ge in 1246 as the feast of Corpus Christi. In the reforms  of Vatican II, the feast was joined with the Feast of the Precious Blood to become the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord. The bread [...]

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reflection The book “The Road Less Traveled”, written by M. Scott Peck, begins with a thoughtful and wise statement: “Life is difficult.” Short as it is, it captures a truth and a wisdom that can save us from many unnecessary worries, vexatious whining and unending complaints about the most inconsequential inconveniences. He says further: “It [...]

1st Sunday of Advent, Year A

Reflection “Finished or not, pass your paper!” That’s what teachers say to students at the end of the examination period. Those who still have blanks, not only on their faces but more on their test paper, hurriedly try to shade them with their final attempt at answers, mostly guesses anyway. Those that have answered completely [...]

31st Sunday, Year C

Reflection Lost and found. It’s a familiar signage in many public places like malls, offices and even in churches. It’s not uncommon that people will come to the parish office looking for an umbrella that was left behind, a bag or wallet that was forgotten or even asking for directions on how get a Jeepney [...]

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reflection “Increase our faith.” This was the request of the apostles in our Sunday Gospel. It’s such a seemingly ordinary thing to ask for but in truth is most essential. As a priest, there are many times I have heard people say their faith is weak or their faith is being tested or they have [...]

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Reflection What is love? If we look at popular culture we will find different answers to that question. Movies, books and love songs have tried to paint a portrait of what it is. “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” They are the famous lines from the book The Love Story by Eric Segal [...]

Palm Sunday

A hero is well loved by many. People adore heroes. We have a strong attraction for them, giving them our applause and adulation. I’m sure you have your own personal heroes in your lives. They may be popular personalities like actors, politicians or other celebrities.  But I suspect for many of us, we just are [...]

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The Family of God: A Reflection on Stewardship and the Christian Community

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the early Church is its strong sense of community. The bible says that the believers “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers…all who believed were together and had all things in common (Acts 2:42,44)”. Aside from holding common (and at [...]

The Eucharist: Source and Fountain of Life

We now find ourselves caught in the middle of our memory of Easter and of our anticipation of our Parish Fiesta, the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. It seems natural to let the message of Easter flow into our celebration of Corpus Christi especially because our festivities are centered on “The Eucharist: [...]

KULO: A Misinterpretation of Our Being

One Saturday morning, I met with my cousin to fulfill a promise of helping her for a requirement in one of her classes in the university. I was concentrating on the work when out of the blue, she asked me “Nico, anong stand mo doon sa gawa ni Mideo? Na-offend ka ba?” She posed the [...]

First Advent, Then Christmas

With Christmas songs playing the airwaves as early as September and the yuletide decorations up before you can even blink your eyes, you would think it’s already Christmas. And we don’t mind at all. Not a few of us want to be reminded about the festive and joyous season of Christmas as early as possible. [...]

PAM organizes barangay elections candidates forum

May “K” Ka Ba? was the theme of the 2010 Barangay Elections Candidates’ Forum held on October 16, 2010 at the Delaney Hall. The forum was organized by the Public Affairs Ministry to promote honest and responsible leadership and to enable the residents of Brgy. UP Campus to get to know the candidates and their [...]

Daghang Salamat, Fr. Serge!

People always come and go. But when they go, it’s always for the better. Most of us know him as the singing priest. Last December 2008, the parish community welcomed Fr. Serge Maniba, together with Fr. Anil and Fr. Mike, serving as a guest priest in the parish. Fr. Serge recently finished his Masters in [...]

What happens after KaKa Scholarship Program

Since its inception, the objective of the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice’ Social Development Program has been to address the needs of the most indigent parishioners from a holistic perspective. In 2008, Kaloob Karunungan or KaKa, the Parish’s scholarship program, commenced. To date, from thirty scholars, there are now 35 scholars and 5 children have [...]

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